Thursday, September 15, 2011

FMQ & My Blogging Style

A Huge Thank You to everyone who responded to yesterday's post about my free motion quilting...I don't want to say debacle...let's just say experience!

I wanted to take a moment to say that this is exactly why I started be able to find a community of Creatives who would give me honest feedback and help when I need it most.  I just as easily could have gone along my merry way without posting about what some might consider flaws.  In fact, as I wrote the H&H quilting post I wasn't sure I should expose my ignorance about FMQ but that just isn't me...I had to put it out there.  Brutal honesty, that is what my friends say they can expect from me, so there it is.
Echo Rainbow - Day 7
Echo Rainbow FMQ Design from the Free Motion Quilting Flickr Group
Here is what I've learned:
  • I located a darning/fmq foot for my machine (Which was hilarious because I had no idea how outdated my Nina was until I started searching for accessories...shhh...let's not tell her I don't want to depress my sewing machine.)
  • I found the very obvious button on Nina to put my feed dogs down, no, I never mentioned that in my post did I?  I had completely forgotten this very important step.  D-U-H.  Thank you to my mother in law for asking the obvious...I needed it.
  • I revisited my daughter's quilt with the script quilting...and yes...I know I have done this correctly before so I know I can do it again with some practice and a little help from my friends (that is you, reader).
  • Practice is completely doable...and I am just going to start new projects to do just that!
What am I going to do with the H&H quilting?
I still love the sketchy quality.  I think now that I know I am making a conscious choice to make the quilting sketchy I am good with it.  Even if I waited, perfected my FMQing skills and could do it all smooth...I'd still want it sketchy.  I just really love the organic look to it.  But I needed time to reflect on it and make sure it was a conscious decision and not just an excuse for "well I couldn't do better."  So, I am going to keep at it with my thicker 35wt thread and do all the other things (using a different foot, and laying my feed dogs down - I just thought of an ottoman right then, random) and see how that goes!

Thanks for accepting me flaws and all.  I really needed it and now I am ready to conquer FMQ on my own terms.  More importantly, I learned some awesome stuff from you guys and I am really excited to put your wisdom to good use!

- rebecca lynne


Kelli said...

I love that your sewing machine has a name and that you don't want to depress her. ;) And.. don't tell anyone.. I've had my sewing machine for years and just recently figured out how to put the feed dogs down. haha And the first I heard of a darning foot was from your post the other day.. so thanks! :)

Lucy said...

I can't put them down on my machine :(
He's called 'A boy called Sue' and I love him anyway!
Glad you're ready to conquer

Erin @ Missy Mac Creations said...

I only found out how to put down Brutus' feed dogs the other week, during our tussle. So some good came out of the misery!

You are inspiring me to give FMQ a try. Scares me senseless.

Archie the wonder dog said...

When I wanted a walking foot for my old machine (which was my mam's and for years was called 'the new machine' despite it being 26 years old!) I phoned Janome and asked what sort of foot I needed for it and the lady said 'oh, that's an old one, isn't it?!' and I never told 'The New One' as I didn't want it to feel over the hill! I'm so glad you've decided to stick with the sketchy FMQ as I really think it suits the quilt. "Bravo!" for sharing your doubts and reaching out to others for help - I love your blog for the honesty you show!