Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tumbling Blocks Challenge - Update

160 Finished Hexagons
160 Finished Hexagons

Okay...I know there are those of you out there dying to know whether or not I was able to finish 400 hexagons in a week.  [No, no, my head is not that big.  I am sure no one is really waiting with bated breath...but still I'll satisfy whatever itsy bit of curiosity you might be harboring anyway...]  To follow this whole story please read here.

Full Disclosure?  I DID NOT reach 400.  I know!  I know!  Stone me...berate me...better me the favor of further encouraging me to Keep Going even though I didn't reach this first goal.  In truth, the idea is to complete this by I don't think I've blown the Ultimate Goal completely.  Helen?  You be the judge.

The Why

Those of you who read making rebecca lynne regularly know that our dog, Paisley, ran away this week.  She has not returned to us.  But, we have spent the better part of this week looking for her, then mourning her, then reminiscing about her.  I have also been extremely concerned for Portia, our remaining pup, who has taken to moping by herself in corners of the house and refraining from all nourishment.  Coping with our recent loss has taken up a good portion of our free time; when I have escaped my sorrow to sew I wasn't exactly thrilled to face a large stack of Black Fabric Diamonds.  Instead, I chose to focus on cheerier, and yes, easier projects that kept my mind occupied.  For those of you who sew I am sure you would agree that to force yourself to continue a project when you are not in the right mood for it always spells disaster...and I have a stack of about 10 Hexagons with mismatching points to prove it!

Additionally, there has been a veritable heatwave here the last few days causing Mr. MRL to invade share my sewing room with me to watch Hulu.  The sewing room is in the basement, pretty much the only cool room in the house!  I took a photo as proof - of which he asked "why are you taking photos of me?" to which I responded "oh, just fooling around with the camera settings..."

The Mr. watching Leverage in Sewing Room (a.k.a. Basement)

The Totals

When the challenge started I had to complete 400 Hexagons.

130 Chain Stitched Hexagons.  One more Diamond Side to Sew.  
160 Hexagons totally completed to my anal Satisfaction
  10 Hexagons that require further talking to (mismatched
130 Hexagons Chain Stitched (only Need 2nd Side of 3rd Diamond close...)
100 Hexagons that are just pieces as of this writing
Goal: 400 Hexagons


I suppose with all those 2/3rds done chainstitched pieces I am not as far behind as I thought...  Doing the math is a good thing!  I know I'll be done by next Sunday!  What do you think?  Should I plug on?

- rebecca lynne

p.s.  Still have space for Giveaway Receiver in my Pay It Forward Giveaway!  Check it out here and leave me a comment if you'd like something handmade by me!


Annaliese said...

Go for it! I approve of stepping away from a project when your just not feeling it! You'll feel even better when it's done right and you've enjoyed the process.

And I laughed out loud at the hulu/Mr. Voucher shot :)

Archie the wonder dog said...

I was wondering how you were doing but was at a quilt show yesterday so couldn't find out! You've definitely done well - even if you'd had a smooth week it would have been a challenge and one I wasn't expecting you to agree to - I really thought you'd make a counter offer! ;o) I think you definitely stand a chance of finishing all 400 by next Sunday - are you pressing them as you go or are you saving them for a pressing session in front of a good film? I definitely agree that if you're really not in the mood to tackle a particular problem (rather than 'just don't feel like it 'cos I'm avoiding it') then it's wise to switch to something else! I'm sure those 10 blocks have seen the error of their ways and will soon be conforming! You definitely get a sticker on your TB chart this week!!

Archie the wonder dog said...

P.S. Hello Mr MRL *waving*!