Thursday, September 8, 2011

I should be sewing...

Yes, I should be sewing...but I'm not.  I kept looking at my blog and wanting to fix it.  It is starting to get cluttered, which if you know me in real life that isn't very surprising at all.  But I really wanted a simple design which is why I kept the white background.  So, I am in the midst of shifting things around - please excuse the renovations!  I figured out how to get some of my html buttons in order and I went back to a single column on the right rather than one on each side.  For those of you on Reader click over to a browser and see...I would love feedback.

But - I am especially proud of these buttons that I made!

emailscript flickr pinterest FacebookButton

Are they cute or what?!??  

I'm wondering whether they need a black border to kind of "match" things on the blog better.  But regardless...I am really happy with how the design came out.  And yes, they are fully functional.  Go on...try it...send me an email!

If any of my faithful followers are interested in custom buttons such as these I am on a roll!  Just let me know and I'll happily click some things here and there and voila, whip up some more tailored just for you.  Free of course.  Wink!

Okay - I officially am done trying to revamp things for now.  Have more ideas of things I'd like to shift/change but I need distance first.  Hope you are all able to sew tonight!!!

- rebecca lynne


Kelli said...

You are a blogging maniac today.. I can't keep up with your posts! Slow down head is still spinning from the flu!

Anonymous said...

A. Your buttons are adorable!
B. The redesigns is cleaner and that's fantastic, but now the page is too big to view in my monitor without shrinking it to the point of being almost unreadable. Of course, my monitor is dinky and old and crappy, so that could be the problem.

Archie the wonder dog said...

It looks much cleaner and less distracting and the buttons are great! I wonder whether the right hand margin would be better if it was a little smaller but it's hard to judge on one post - off to have a look at older posts!
P.S. It's probably just me but the scrolling WIPs, whilst great, makes me dizzy but that's fine, I'll just scroll the page back up once I have the comments box!
P.P.S. How are you managing to do so much? Do you sleep?!

Archie the wonder dog said...

P.S. I've decided I like the right hand margin as it is!! Sorry about that!