Thursday, September 8, 2011

T.T.T. [Sept 8, 2011]

Thursday Think Tank

Can I just take a moment here to say W-O-W.  Yesterday was amazing.  Not only was it my 2mo Blogoversary...I spent the day enjoying comments about my Tutorial over at Lily's Quilts!  I mean...just amazing.  Thank you so much for all of the wonderful comments and support...if you'd like to download the tutorial to cherish refer back to later then please do so here.

And today is my real anniversary - my wedding anniversary that is.  4 years.  Which is kind of silly because the Mr. and I have been together for mmm...going on 12 years.  So, every year since we've been married I think why are we celebrating this anniversary date, we should be celebrating the first one.  But, oh well, for once I conform.  Regardless...we did share a gift...but I have to focus on Thursday Think Tank today and I will have to post about our gift another time.  Don't worry, I already took photos, it isn't going anywhere!

p.s. For those of you who have been kind enough to email me about the whereabouts of our dog Paisley - No, she has not been found.  Thank you for all of your positive thoughts.

Thursday Think Tank - September 8, 2011

Idea 1: Jane Market Bag

Jane Market Bag created by Jessica at Twin Fibers

What is weird is that in Jessica's post she says something about seeing this a thousand times?  Yeah, well I hadn't.  Then, I just read Jeni's post and sure enough she had her own version posted as well.  Odd.  Maybe I'll see this everywhere now?  Oh well, I want to make one anyway.

Idea 2: Little Girl Dress

Shirred Dress created by Angela at Fussy Cut

I created the most adorable pants for Miss E last year.  So Anna Maria Horner pattern from her last book.  But nooooooooo, Miss E is not interested in them whatsoever.  She wears them for a bit and then insists on changing - ah, to be 2.  Then I saw this picture and it hit me...Miss E's favorite thing in the world is to wear dresses...each morning is the great debate about which dress she will wear. (Luckily, since she was an infant I've always put pants (trousers for the visiting Brits) on under her dresses and so wearing leggings or even jeans underneath are always a given.  I'm sure this will change once she goes to school and sees other girls wearing dresses without bottoms...enjoy it while you can Mommy!) I figure if I make her a dress then she'll hopefully love to wear that too and it will assuage my feelings of hurt over the pants.  Hahahhaahhaa, sinister laugh, I'll just have Miss V wear my pants before she can start to argue back!

Idea 3: Swaddling Blankets

Handmade Swaddling Blankets

My sister is about to have a baby boy and as of now...I don't think I'll be making a quilt.  This is all related to the great debate about who you make your handmade gifts for et cetera and so forth.  To read a great post on this please visit Patchwork Notes to understand where I am coming from.  Anyway, I digress.  My newest nephew will not get away with nothing handmade from his Tia so I am thinking maybe burp cloths and then I read about these Swaddling Blankets at the Purl Bee!  Aren't they darling?  Hmmm...have to check the stash to see if I have anything comparable to use...

Idea 4: Revisiting Brick Path Good Folks Quilt


I owe you all a photo of this...unfortunately the Quilt I am thinking of is lying on my bed right now and Miss V is sleeping in her crib right next to it.  In other words, it is gonna have to wait.  Consider this an I.O.U. until tomorrow.

The quilt is a Brick Path Quilt made using my absolute favorite fabric Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner.  I should've bought bolts of the fabric because every time I see it in another quilt online my breath catches...yes, it is like that.  Some people love Flea Market Fancy...I'm into Good Folks.  Anyway, my quilt is beautiful but I rushed to finish it because I was 9 months preggers with Miss V and I wanted to have it in the hospital when she was born.  In other is a pillowcase binding and tied.  I think it is time to revisit and I am thinking of handsewing...after all that will give me a lot of quality squishing time with this quilt and I'd love that!

That is it for me this brainstorm.  Now look, I have only been doing this a short while but it obviously isn't catching on.  [Erin, you don't are like my internet sister]  But...I am NOT giving up.  I will continue to list my ideas each week regardless, but I  dare someone to join me this week.  There has to be someone out there with a list of projects they'd like to go ahead...share your list!  That is what T.T.T. is all about!

Enough Begging.

As always...

Feel free to rattle off anything that has been brewing in your creative little heads.  It can be anything, quilting, home improvement, fashion, crafting, DIY gifts, cooking...whatever you have recently thought "hmmm, you know what I should create" is perfectly appropriate for the Think Tank.  Have a blog?  Grab the Thursday Think Tank button displayed on the right. 

Please leave a link to your T.T.T. on your blog in the linky party below or leave a comment with your Thursday Think Tank ideas!  

- rebecca lynne


Janine said...

I just came across this post in my google reader and I'd love to link up but I haven't got time to do a post now. Maybe next week. I'll take your button to remind me. Currently, for what it's worth, I've resolved to myself not to start sewing anything else until after I've made mug rugs and goodies for the Fluffy Sheep Swap. Hopefully, by next week I'll have finished those and then I'll be thinking about what to do next. Good luck with this. I think it's a great idea and I hope you get lots of link ups.

Kelli said...

Hey! I finally feel alive and decided to link up. Be nice to me.. haha I know it's probably not Thurs. there anymore, and I feel like I'm turning in my homework late, but better late than never right? I didn't grab the button yet, but will next time.. gotta tend to the boy. :)

Toni said...

How did I miss this before? I think Google has been eating your posts...Obviously I missed joining this week, but I will absolutely join next time! As long as I realize it is Thursday before it isn't anymore...