Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011 Jamestown Regional Celtic Festival

The 2011 Jamestown Regional Celtic Festival

This weekend we went to the Celtic Festival in a neighboring town.  As a child I remember piling into the car and meeting my Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle, & Cousins at the Scottish Games held near Albany, NY each year.  Being part Scots the games were an important part of my upbringing and I was shocked after meeting the Mr. to find out that he is part Scots too and had never been to any Gathering!  Sacrilege!  

Needless to say I have been hoping to introduce this part of our heritage to Miss E & Miss V.  I was pretty choked up at times during the Festival, listening to bagpipes always does that to me...  I'm going to keep this post limited in chatter (I know, shocking).  Instead I am sharing some of our photos from the Festival in the hopes that you will see how much fun we had just through the visuals.  




Alpaca Yarn

Scottish Blackface Sheep

  DSC_0260    DSC_0259DSC_0267

See the leg in these photos, working the spinning wheel?  That is Tammy...those are her sheep in the photo above.  Tammy is spinning unwashed wool (with grease) here.  I asked Tammy why she didn't wash her wool and she explained that when the wool isn't washed it retains the natural grease and is more water repellant than washed wool.  Good for sweaters and such.  Anyway, we chatted for quite a bit she and I...I came to find out that she recently acquired a treadle loom while I had been recently gifted a garbage bag full of unwashed wool with no idea what to do next with it.  She had the most beatific smile when she learned that I knew how to weave - she offered to teach me to spin if I taught her to weave!  Hahahhaaa, this truly is Far Far Away for me at least.

Miss E loves the pipes - she should - she listened to them in utero and as a newborn.  
She said and I promise I am not ad-libbing, 
"the pipes are calling me Mommy." 
She danced all day long...

To Die For Meat Pie.

The Mr.'s Choice - Shephard's Pie
Have enough sweet popcorn Miss E?


As if the day wasn't amazing enough...the whole Festival took place on a lake.  It isn't Scotland, but it was special anyway.  Did I mention how much I love it here?

I hope you all had a good weekend too!

- rebecca lynne


Archie the wonder dog said...

It looks great - love the size of that popcorn!!

Jules said...

My grandfather was scottish, and for part of my schooling went to "scotch college", in Adelaide, Australia. And my brother was in the pipe band. I always feel like the pipes are calling me too!, love it.