Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

This has been a crazy week and I feel like today, Wednesday, is already over.  But technically it is 8:39pm here on the East Coast so it is not completely over.  I guess this means I have time to quickly do my WIP Wednesday and then at least I will have accomplished that!

Projects Accomplished:
  • In the world of Quilting?  NADA.  So sad.
  • Lush Cluster
    • Vina Necklace for Margie finished!!!
    Custom Vina Lush Cluster Necklace
      • Glam Earring Studs for Tia Maritza finished!!!

    Swarovski Crystal Glam Studs

      Projects In Progress:

      • new! Fussy Fabric Charm Swap
        • I have started cutting my 10 5" fussy cut charm squares for the swap, I think I have all the fabric picked out although I am getting...well...dare I say it...fussy and think I am going to pick the best and cutest of my stash.  I'm hoping that if I am generous with my stash someone else with be generous with theirs - is this totally wishful thinking?  Possibly...???
        • Here is a photo of some of my squares, thinking of adding more Heather Ross as well...thoughts?  From Left Top to Right Bottom: Tina Givens Fairy Tiptoe, Hunky Dory, Tina Givens Cleo's Imagination, Heather Ross Far Far Away I, Tina Givens Fairy Tiptoe Cupcake Medley Turquoise, Paula Prass Botanika, Tina Givens Fairy Tiptoe

      • Spring Fall Quilt
        • Found solid fabric to create strips.  Now just need to cut, sew, bind, get the drift!

        • More shelving was just bought
        • I have plastic bins and they all have chalkboard labeling on them now, just need to label!
        • I still need to Go Through All the Fabric!  Organize, Organize, Organize.  Luckily the fussy cut swap is helping that as I have already gone through my Heather Ross fabrics and some of my Tina Givens fabric also.
      Projects Sadly Untouched:
      • Secret Quilting Project for Family Member
      • Squishes Room as it is still not completely unpacked
      • Twisting Triangles
        • Walking away from this for awhile because I am not sure if I prefer the triangles or a more organic strippy layout.  Need space.
          Organic Strippy Layout
          More organic layout.  Like striations.  Not sure whether I prefer this to swirl.  You?
      • Spinning Stars in Pink
        • Still 7 1/2 Blocks to go!
        Spinning Stars Block and 1/2
        WIP TALLY:
        2 Completed (0 Sewing, 2 Jewelry)
        3 Works in Progress (1 new!)
        4 Untouched that require attention

        Please don't forget to visit Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday and be sure to check out some of the WIP links below Lee's post.

        - rebecca lynne

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