Saturday, August 20, 2011

Itching to Stitch

AGH!  I have been dying to sit down at my sewing machine and finish something...  You know when you have that feeling?  The kind where you know that if you had time to you would sit in your creative place and just make and make until you are worn out?  Well, I feel that way now but I am otherwise occupied at the moment...  That is not to say that I have not been productive, I have been getting a lot accomplished, just unfortunately not sewing.

To give you a sneak preview of my closer to being finished sewing room take a gander at the fabric porn shot below.
Tina Givens's Chloe's Imagination

I've been going through my fabric stash for what seems like forever.  Some of the fabric I have uncovered has really brought back memories.  It is nice to finally have a place to put them without having to excavate half my Brooklyn apartment in order to use them!  I don't care what I thought before as a diehard & loyal city dweller, I'm telling you now - Space is a Luxury.

I have been referring to In Color Order: The Art of Choosing for guidance during my reorganization.  It is a great tutorial about how to fold your stash, how to store your stash, and how to organize it.  Jeni from In Color Order suggests organizing your whole stash by color...which means breaking up your designer collections.  W-I-N-C-E, this is the one suggestion I cannot seem to follow completely.  At least not yet.  I understand the value of organizing strictly by color and that it would allow you to work with multiple collections more easily.  But, I almost always fall in love with a collection as a whole and buy it that way.  I have grown accustomed to storing collections together until I can finally get around to using them to create a quilt.  Once I have made my intended quilt with a collection I happily break it up and use the remaining fabric with others.

How about you?  Do you store your fabrics in color, in collections, in some other magical way I haven't even begun to consider yet?  

- rebecca lynne

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Wake up America said...

Orange was never my color but your collection looks beautiful, especially so neatly stacked. Makes me want to organize my closet!