Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I've decided to join the WIP Group sponsored by Freshly Pieced!  I am a follower of Freshly Pieced and thought, why not share my love for Lee and her amazingness by linking right to her blog on Wednesdays since I am going to be doing WIP anyway?  Right?  Pay it forward and all that...

So here we go - I missed last week because of all the moving etc.  I didn't even have the computer set up and of course I had no progress to report anyway.  Let's see...this week...

Projects Accomplished:
  • Ew...none.  Hey, I was moving!
  • Actually...I moved.  That was accomplished., not all the boxes aren't unpacked yet...crap!
Projects In Progress:
  • Twisting Triangles
    • I made 6 Triangles but I think I will be holding back on this for a bit, ha then again, I can't make any promises!
    Version 2 Up Close
    Twisting Triangles Center Square detail (on design wall)
  • Spring Fall Quilt
    • I discussed it with Ms. L and she is into adding the solids to the strips.  Which, I am all for because I think it will look so clean and modern which is very her.  I love the original brick path strips but I realize that is more my aesthetic.  She loves the teal, not so much the brown.
    • Need to find solids to match strips
Spring Fall Quilt for LC
  • Spinning Stars in Pink
    • 1 & 1/2 Blocks Completed!  (whew hew) 7 & 1/2 Blocks to go...
    • Jumped ahead in the game and need to finish cutting the pieces
Spinning Stars Block and 1/2

Spinning Stars Center Seams - Perfect!
  • Sewing Room 
    • 90% of my fabric is down there
    • I have bins and a place to put them
    • Now I just need to Go Through All the Fabric!  Organize, Organize, Organize.
Projects Sadly Untouched:
  • Secret Quilting Project
    • Quilt I have been working on for a family member for over a year.  Now that I am unpacked I really have to start working on it but am sidetracked as usual!
  • Lush Cluster Vina Necklace Order [still, ugh]  
  • Squishes Room as it is still not unpacked
0 Completed (except moving, but we are not totally unpacked so can I honestly count that?)
4 Works in Progress
3 Untouched that require attention

My goal is to have something completed by next week.  Can I do it?  This is counting jewelry, which I am pathetically behind in and I have paying orders to finish.  Bad, bad rebecca lynne!

Please don't forget to visit Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday and be sure to check out some of the WIP links below Lee's post.

- rebecca lynne


Toni said...

Not sure you'll ever see a close-up of my center seams like that! Looks great!

Rebecca Lynne said...

Toni - Thanks for noticing! I too am shocked at the seams...hahahhaa I have 8 more squares to go though so we'll see how far my luck runs!

Leanne said...

Those are great projects, I especially lover those spinning stars.