Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Electronic Appliance Armageddon

I was away this weekend.  I drove a total of 24 hours to visit Friends & Family back in my former 'hood.  Apparently my belongings took my absence pretty hard because when I came home yesterday evening the revenge started...

First my MacBook crashed.  True, I was messing around with it trying to decide whether to upgrade the OS to the latest and greatest.  But come on, that does not warrant a complete meltdown with a frozen spinning circle on the start up nonsense.  I wanted to pull my hair out with frustration...but it is our laptop and in the scheme of things I realized it could be worse.  We do after all have a barely 2 year old iMac so who am I to gripe?  So, I walked away from the laptop, boo hooed my frustration to my sleeping husban and regrouped this morning by reinstalling the whole damn thing.  Yup - wiped it out and started over.  This sounds pretty drastic but it has crashed before so there wasn't much on it...it is really our Internet computer and not much more.

Yeah, well, I thought I had gotten through the worst bit.  But nooo...

Making dinner.  Parmesan Tilapia.  Waiting for the oven to preheat while my daughters are gnawing on their little hands (Miss E was actually running around crazy, Miss V was definitely gnawing and occasionally screaming but she is teething so who is to say it was all about dinner).  Hmmm...oven is not heating up.  Still not heating up.  What the...  Yup.  Not working.  I have no idea why in Hades not...and in fact, I realize, as I type this on my now (temporarily I am sure) tamed laptop, we never did fix the oven.  S#&!

Why?  Why did I fail to remember to investigate the oven issue further?  SO Glad You Asked.

Our beautiful prized possession, one of the key cornerstones of family unity, peace, and prosperity in our household, a piece of electronic prowess that we really splurged and it was totally worth it also fritzed out on me!  Our iMac.  The sheer magnitude of what this means to me personally cannot even be conveyed through words.  It wouldn't install a new driver for our new printer - a new printer which was a gift from my parents.  No shame in that right?  To resolve this inability to install (it literally would get to the install point and go no further...no error, no flashing warning, just wouldn't respond when I clicked the install button) I innocently restarted the computer.  Stupid stupid stupid as I have not been able to turn it back on SINCE.  All it does is do that awful gray screen crap that the laptop was doing yesterday.  Seriously?  What is going on?  Is there some sort of awful evil Apple virus that jumped from one computer to the other?  More stupid?  I inserted the Protection Plan CD as recommended in the Protection Plan booklet to see if that would help - NO.  As now it is stuck in the computer and therefore I have 2 Problems: Gray Startup Screen & CD Stuck in Drive.  A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

I've done all the magic little combinations of pressing keys, pressing the power button, jumping on my right foot while touching my nose and singing the Star Spangled Banner backwards nonsense suggested on the internet - to absolutely no avail.

Appointment.  Tomorrow morning.  11:15.  Apple Genius Bar.  2 flipping hours away.

My revenge is to visit Niagara Falls after that.  :P


- rebecca lynne


Issabella The Cat said...

Holy cow you have been having fun! Before I got to the bottom of the post I was going to email and tell you to take them both to an Apple store, not sure they can fix the oven though! My answer to that is live on take out until it fixes it's self just like it broke it's self :)

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