Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tumbling Blocks Challenge - Accepted

The challenge is officially accepted. Helen has set a deadline of September 4, 2011 to have all of the blocks sewn.  Thank you again to Helen at Archie the Wonder Dog for being supportive and for sending me some of her supportive friends to nag encourage me.  Ha!  I have already met so many wonderfully encouraging people through this challenge that I just cannot let you down.  Plus, there is now more to the story involving The Mr...

The Drama Continues

Saturday Night.  The MRL Television Room.  The Mr. & Mrs. sitting side by side watching some brainless television show via Hulu (too cheap cool to do the whole whole paying for cable thing...ha)

The Mr. turns to RL and asks - "so, um, what is going on with that box the one with all the black fabric in it..."

Mrs., alarm bells going off in head - "oh?  the one with the fabric for the bed quilt?  I'm just trying to see what to do about it"

The Mr. - "yeah well I nearly fell over when I saw that...it really brought back some memories.  it would be really cool if you finished it, I mean if you can finish it...eventually"

Mrs. tries to play it cool - "we'll see...I found my slender rotary cutter at least"

Mrs.'s Inner Monologue --> Agh!  So he did notice.  Damn.  ;)

The Infamous Tumbling Blocks
Many of you asked about how many blocks I have to go, how many there are total.  I responded to each of you individually via email saying that I didn't know how many there were...I was just sewing at will basically...

So, I started to do just that.  To sew.  But those unfinished pieces kept leering at me.  I played with my sewing machine tension, remembered the trick of making Tumbling Blocks (ugh, aligning those points?  pain.  but I mastered them once and it took me about 10min to nail them again...ha, so there points...so there...na na nanaa naaaah na), I changed my thread, refilled my bobbin...

Fine.  Enough Procrastinating.  I finally decided I had to count.  I had to find out exactly WHAT I was facing.

After counting, and recounting, and pulling small black pieces out of Miss V's hands (repeatedly) I determined that there is enough cut fabric for 390 blocks.  Each block is a little over 3 inches wide.  I think I intended at one point to create 400 blocks, but I recall a vague memory from 10 years ago of being in the midst of cutting and losing count and rather than count all 1200 pieces (400x3 for each fabric) I decided to just start sewing.  After last Sunday there are now 100 blocks sewn.  I have 300 blocks to go.  10 of which I need to cut out first from the fabric that I found leftover from this disaster.  This will only result in a quilt that is almost 60" thereabouts -- which means I am either making a throw or I am adding something.  Ugh, adding MORE?  Come on.

Note to Self:  Why did this project go awry?  Where were the anal math/documenting skills you have today?  I have to say I am amazed that this project could have gone so off course.  10 years ago I had No Children, No Dogs, No Law School, No *Profession,* No True Adult Responsibilities...I mean what was I doing with all my time that I could not sit down and finish this?  Well Rebecca Lynne?  Tell me?  Uh hunh, what is that saying about youth being wasted on the young???

Goal: 400 finished blocks by September 4, 2011

Countdown Thus Far: 100 sewn blocks

To go: 290 pieces to sew into blocks + 10 block pieces to cut

Miscellaneous: Whether to add more to the blocks once finished, a border perhaps?  Or just call it a day and leave it at a throw?  Any thoughts, feedback, advice here is greatly appreciated... ;)

Helen, the photo below is just for you...

Reunited and it feels so gooood! 
- Peaches & Herbs

- rebecca lynne

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Archie the wonder dog said...

Oh my goodness...300 left to do?! What have I done?? So...let's get the maths sorted - how many blocks do you think you can get done in 15 minutes? (I've picked that time as it seems as though it would be do-able with two young children, but please correct me if I'm wrong!) We can work out (roughly) how many lots of 15 minutes you need to squeeze into a day to see if 4th September is at all realistic (bearing in mind you've now got two poorly young children!)...it's going to be great! I think we'll have to wait and see about the border/throw debate but I wonder what squares on point in the patterned fabric with plain black as the background would look like...you could even have two rows of that if you did alternating plain SOP print SOP along the row and then did the reverse for the next row...if any of that makes sense nod and smile!! LOVE the challenge logo and the rotary cutter reunited photo!! (Just like the Twix advert!)