Friday, August 5, 2011

You just don't realize

how much crap stuff you have...until you move.  Seriously, it is amazing the amount of belongings I have accumulated in my life.  Don't get me wrong, I can completely justify 90% of my belongings given that I am a clotheshorse, I sew, create jewelry, throw ceramics, knit, draw, et cetera and so forth the list goes on.  Add a husband who teaches English (the books...oh the books we have dragged across the country...) and two small children with generous grandparents and B-A-M somehow all the belongings that filled our two bedroom apartment are quickly filling up our three bedroom (four counting an extra basement room) house!  Freaking amazing...I swear our things had babies and multiplied.

We are loving it.  Miss E has been running around saying "Our House" (it is a rental, but technicalities do not matter to a 2.5yr old) and Miss V has been following her as quickly as her little arms and legs can crawl.  The pile of boxes is dwindling and I think we are all enjoying uncovering items we had *forgotten* about - temporarily of course!  It is like rediscovering treasure.

I am dying to get back to sewing and more projects.  But, well, priorities priorities...I have been putting all the breakables away and unpacking the toys to entertain.  As much as sometimes I'd love to be irresponsible and escape to my projects it just wouldn't be good mothering.  I even cooked today in celebration of the enormous of my favorite dishes Ropa Vieja.  It was awesome to have the house smelling of Cuban cooking and it reminded me of my childhood.  The dinner received rave reviews and we were about halfway through when I realized DUH I forgot to take photos!  So, you will just have to picture Ropa Vieja, White Rice, Black Beans, Slices of Thick White Bread all served in my ceramic bowls on our French Country Farm Table.  This is the life I'd love to have for my girls everyday...and it is a perfect start to our new life in far far away...

To share my hatred of unpacking with you, and because posts without photos are so bleh, here is a photo of Miss V surrounded by chaos during lunchtime a few days ago...

I'll be absent for awhile while we get our lives unpacked and properly organized.  I have lots of updates, my birthday, birthday gifts (yay), my sewing/project room (!!!), when I have time (insert scoffing laugh here) I promise!

- rebecca lynne

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